About Lubrite Industries

Established in 1975, Lubrite Industries is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company located in Phagwara Punjab, outfitted with branded, indigenous as well as specially imported machines to fulfil our customer’s needs .Lubrite Industries is one of the leading Lubrication systems manufacturer in India . We at Lubrite Industries manufacture all the lubrication system required in the machine tools industries from Drip Feed Oilers, Multi-point Lubrication Systems, Dual Line Lubrication Systems, oil Automatic Lubrication Units, Grease Automatic Lubrication Units, Timing Devices, Hand Operated Single Shots to Pneumatic Single Shots lubrication systems. We manufacture a complete range of Lubrication Pumps and Systems to keep your machines running trouble free.
Lubrite Industries is an independent 100% own world-class manufacturing company which has achieved pioneer status in terms of technology and manufacturing capabilities in the field of Lubrication. Decades of manufacturing experience assures that our products are among the best in the industry..Click for more

Our Proucts Range

We are manufacture of Centralised Lubrication System, Continous Oil Lubrication System, Multi Point Lubrication System.

Motorised Lubrication Units

Motorised Lubrication units are electric motor driven pumps along with reservoir, oil filter & breather, suction strainer, pressure relief valve & bleed valve etc...

Deluxe Lubrication Units

LUBRITE Deluxe Lubrication Units are the same in working principle but the metal reservoir r is replaced with transparent to get the visual look of the oil level in the reservoir

Hand Operated Lubricators

Hand Operated Single Shot Pumps are spring returned piston type pumps. The piston is operated by pulling the cam handle.

Pneumatic Lubricators

A pneumatic lubricator injects an aerosolized stream of oil into an air line to provide lubrication to the internal working parts of pneumatic tools, and to other devices such as actuating cylinders, valves, and motors.

Continous Lubrication System

COL (Continous Oil Lubrication System) is meant to lubricate bearing of driers in the forny/ back side of paper machine. The COL generally consists of stand by Geared Pumps

Rotary Pumps

These Pumps with positive displacement of oil are great type and are suitable for different applications such as lubrication of head stocks. Gear Boxes

Automatic Dual Line Lubrication Pump

Dual-line systems dispense a precise, metered amount of lubricant to up to 2 000 lubrication points over long distances up to 120 m (131 yd) and more. Even if one pair of outlets becomes blocked inside one metering device, dual-line systems provide sufficient lubrication for the rest of the system's lubrication points.

Single Line Lubrication System

Single Line Lubrication System includes a central pump station that automatically dispenses the lubricant to various parts of the machine through a singular chief supply line to the multitude injector outlets..

Penumatic Grease Dispensers

Pneumatic Grease dispensers are used to meet all grease lubrication needs. A wide range of grease dispensers are available of capacity 25kg. & 50 kg.

Quality Assurance

Ever since the inception (in 1975) Lubrite Industries has been a client-centric organization that emphasizes on delivering high quality range of centralised lubrication sytems, industrial pumps, automatic lubricators, industrial timers, controllers, drip feed oilers, lubrication systems and pumps. In order to ensure this goal, we have appointed an efficient team of quality controllers engaged in performing various activities for maintaining and improving our quality standards.

Our Clients


Lubrite Industries is an independent 100% own world-class manufacturing company which has achieved pioneer status in terms of technology and manufacturing capabilities in the field of Lubrication.

Our Team

Our team of highly educated and experienced professionals comprises following personnel:

  • - Technocrats
  • - Quality controllers
  • - R&D experts
  • - Sales and marketing executives
  • - Skilled workers

Quality Parameters

Lubrite Industries believe in delivering a top quality Lubrication Product range with high efficiency.
Following are the quality parameters on which we check our range:

  • - Durable finish standards
  • - High performance
  • - Corrosion & temperature resistant finish
  • - Abrasion resistant finish
  • - Dimensional accuracy
  • - Sturdy and rigid construction

Customer Satisfaction

We are fully Committed to "Entire Customer Satisfaction" through Quality in our Products as Services by:

  • - After Sale Services
  • - Competitive Prices
  • - Timely Delivery
  • - Mutual Benefits
  • - Customer Satisfaction