Electronic Timer

Electronic timers are used to maintain the Lubrication cycle in automatic single shot Lubrication Units. It is basically ON - OFF timer with following technical specifications.
Power Supply 220 V AC + - 10%, 50 Hz
Operating Temperature 0-55° C.
Maximum Power Consumption 2.0 VA
Power Supply 220 V AC + - 10%, 50 Hz
Control Action ON OFF TYPE
Output 220 V AC

Suitable for direct running of Single phase motors of Lubrication Units : LAU-03 SFS, LAU-03SFT, LDU-03S/ST
Suitable for 3 phase Units where pressure switch is not present such as LAU-03 FS, LAU-03FS, LAU-08FS. however a contactor is to be used in this case.
Suitable for solinoid operation of direction control valve with pneumatic oil pump like Pn-8/16.

In case arrangements of contactor is not possible, ETC-5 can be used. It is complete arrangement with inbuilt timer, contactor and indication of low oil in the pump thru float switch. This device is very useful in the adverse conditions as it even doesn't eequire neutral in the input supply.