Pneumatic Grease dispensers are used to meet all grease lubrication needs. A wide range of grease dispensers are available of capacity 25kg. & 50 kg. it can be connected directly on the greasing points. also suitable for centralised lubricating grease systems. the anti-air lock pressure plates ensure easy flow of grease. The grease dispensers are provided with trolley for easy movement with little efforts.

The Lubrite Pneumatic grease dispensers meets the highest standards in quality. Aluminium alloy pump. power coated/nicked finish external components & highest standard accessories ensures long life and trouble free working of the result

Technical specification

Pneumatic Grease Pump
Pneumatic barrel pump can be directly mounted on the 205 kg. Grease Drum. The unit comes with pneumatic Pump. Pneumatic hand gun. Delivery hose. Top lid and Pressure Plates.