LUBRITE DUAL LINE system is designed to provide a positive means of dispensing lubricant to the bearings on a machine from a central pumping source. the versatile rugged equipment offers flexible in design and economy in operation.

Automatic Dual Line Lubrication Pump

LUBRITE DUAL LINE PUMP Consists of Reciprocating Motor Driven Plunger Pump with inbuilt Gear Box. The Pump incorporate a large grease reservoir with a heavy follower plate and tell Tale Rod. Limit switch is provided on the top of reservoir to indicate full and empty level of lubricant.On the pump Outlet , check value, pressure relief value, bleed value, inline filters are provided and it is connected to direction control value ( Reversing Value). The DC Valve gets signal from pressure switches (end pressure ralay) mounted on each line.The whole system is controlled with electric control panel. Automatic Dual Line Lubrication Pump , Automatic Dual Line Lubrication Pump India Control Panel The feature of electric control panel are : Main supply indication (440V Ac) Pump On & Off indication and switches Line 1 & Line 2 Separate indications Selectable on - off Timer Manual Mode (Continues Running) Auto mode (Running Through Timer) Lubricant Level Indication