In LUBRITE Grease Radial Pump the Grease Injectors are working unit. Each pumping unit is independent and is actuated by a cam through a Gear Box. The gear box is driven by a Electric Motor. These pumping units are mounted around the Housing of Radial Pump. The pump. The pump incorporate a large reservoir with follower plate and Tell Tale Rod. The pump may rotate in either direction; Grease is pushed down ward with the Follower Plate and Stirrer Assembly. Limit Switch is provided on the top Reservoir to indicate low level of grease in the Pane Box

Grease Injector

Every Grease Injector deliver 0~0.3 cc(Max.) Grease per stroke. Grease Injector's tightening/loosing the Check Value Adjustment Screw. Change of the units can be effected without dismantling the pump. Do not remove or replace Grease Injectors while pump is Working.