Multiline Mechanical Lubricators are used for Automatic Centralised Lubrication System for Industrial, Marine and similar applications where Lubricant to be used is oil over a vide range of visosity from SAE 20 to SAE 250. Driven by plant it serves or using its own electric motor with reduction Gear, Lubrite Multiline Mechanical Lubricators provide precise and continuous Lubrication from a Central location. The special feature of this (Brentford Type) system is its unit construction which by allowing various combination of the components, ensures a Lubrication system matched to any particular requirement.

GENERAL DISCRIPTION: The basic unit comprises a reservoir of appropriate capacity and the required number of pump units with rotatable Banjo outlets. Each Multiline Mechanical Lubricators pump unit is fitted with a check valve. Lubricators upto 10 pumping units can be supplied with 750 ml and 1.5 ltrs reservoirs and 8 to 20 pump units with 4 ltrs reservoir. Reservoir capacity is nominal and total capacity includes the pump assembly casting.
Oil level is indicated through a sight glass on all the models.

The pump drive shaft is provided with cams, one for each pair of pup units. These operate rocker arm which move pair pistons alternately up and down in their respective cylinders. Each pump unit serves one Lubrication line. The drive Shaft can be rotated in either direction. The amount of Lubricant delivered is adjusted by the knurled knobs on top of pump body. The knobs are provided with check nuts to prevent accidental movement.

An assembly comprises the Appropriate number of flow Indicators mounted on a suitable Frame. These flow indicators indicate the regularity of delivery and flow in each oil line. Flow indicators are designed to operate oils of viscosity 41 to 173 centistoke at 40 deg C. Heavier oil must not be used.

Recommended speed:- Between 10 & 100 rpm. Discharge:- Between ) & .1cc. per pumping unit per stroke. Reservoir capacity: 750 ml, 1.5 ltrs, 4 ltrs. Pressure developed: 1000 psi without flow indicators and 500 psi with flow indicators. This Mechanical Lubricator with Two Outlets and Manual Priming Pump Has been specially designed for Centralised Lubrication system to number of points through two outlets. These two Outlets and the outlet of Priming Pump is connected to the oil feed line, branched to number of points with Nylon or Steel Pipe (4 mm O.D.) through junction Blacks. Metered Flow Units are provided on the Lubrication points of the Machine to feed the required quantity of oil. SALIENT FEATURES: Centralized Multiline High pressure Lubricators 1 to 20 Outlets. Each point separately fed for individually adjustable for flow. Visual Indication oil availability at the reservoir and flow to the bearings. Individual adjustment central for flow. Foolproof, elimination of 'missed' and inaccessible bearings. Saving of oil-Economy. Maximum reliability-minimum downtime. Design & installation advisory service. Easy spare parts availability. Guarantee for trouble free performance for 6 months.