Planning/ Installation of Centralised Lubrication Systems

While planning the system, the following procedure should be adapted.

1. Calculate lubrication points and find out areas to be lubricated at corresponding lubrication points of the machine.

2. Select the metering cartridge for each lubrication point. As per basic rule, a film of 25 micron thickness shall be formed over the area to be lubricated for the automatic system and 50 micron for hand operated pumps. This is generally applicable for frequency of 1 hour. However the volume should be increased while considering the factors like : shock loading, quality and the metallurgy of the surfaces, high speed, heat involvements etc. Pure calculations are not enough and these are to be confirmed by experimental installations.

3. Sum up all the oil dosages at each lubrication points and select the pump with more than 50% discharge / stroke/cycle. This is to maintain required pressure in the lubrication lime. Select the model of the pump keeping in view the size & requirement of the machine.

4. Select the junction blocks such that it should cater all the lubrication points existing in the same vicinity.

5. Layout of tubings shall be arranged in such a manner that entrapped air can can be escaped through lubrication points. For this purpose, following points shall be observed.

a. Pump should be installed at a place conveniently accessible to the operator to check the oil level & refilling of the oil.

b. Main Line 6mm OD from the pump should rise upward . Incase it has to be taken downwards, bifurcate it such that one line goes upward from the same junction.

c. Last metering cartridge/cartridges in every line must be point upward.

d. Divide the main line into 2-3 branches near the pump, instead of laying one single line across the machine. his will minimize the tube length; will give better appearance and ease of maintenance in the long term.

e. The branch line 4mm OD from metering cartridge to end point should be kept of minimum length. This will save time in reaching the oil to each point while the system is commissioned.

f. Connect each Metering cartridge to one lubrication point only.

g. Loosen the last plug of Junction Blocks in each branch of main line. Give few impulses from the pump. When the oil starts leaking, tight the plugs. Again allow few impulses with small time gap till the oil reaches the lubrication point from the each metering cartridge. Once this achieved, the system becomes ready to use.