Drip Feed Oilers

Lubrite Industries is an exclusive manufacturer, supplier and exporters of Drip Feed Oilers from India. Drip Feed Oiler is a commonly used method for automatic oil lubrication. Lubrite Industries has a team of professionally qualified and highly experienced team to efficiently manufacture top quality range of Drip Feed Oilers as per the standard specifications and as per the requirements of a client. Our deep knowledge and expertise in manufacturing such products range dates back to early 1970's.
Description: - Drip Feed Oilers are single point lubricators and are mounted directly on lubrication points.
- Drip Feed Oilers dispense oil by gravity from a transparent reservoir through needle valve.
- The needle valve is joined with toggle pin by which the operator can on/off the flow manually.
- The flow of the oil through the Drip Feed Oiler is controlled by adjusting the needle valve and can be visualized from the inbuilt sight glass.
- Drip Feed Oilers are available in different thread size from 1/8" BSP to 3/8" BSP.
Applications of Drip Feed Oilers: - Steel Plants
- Paper Mills
- Cement Plants
- Coal Mines
- Forging Industry
- Rolling Mills
- Machine Tools Industry
- Rubber Processing Industry
- Food Processing Industry
- Printing & Packing Industry